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The work of two authors: call, the two authors of the expression of the sign or parentheses speaks of work respectively. You use the word, as well as the names of the authors in the text and the ampersand symbol in parentheses. A work of three to five authors: signal or the expression in parentheses for the first time, we list all authors, the source. Use of the word and cites the names of the authors in the text and the ampersand symbol in parentheses. Two or more works by the same author in the same year: you have two sources by the same author in the same year, use lowercase letters (a, b, C) throughout the year, to sort the items in the reference list. Throughout the year in the quotation in the text, use lowercase letters. Mobile Messaging early Aspects.Drei encourages users to use abbreviations: (a) the input text was difficult, requires multiple button pushes a small keyboard to generate each letter; (b) 160 character messages were limited and (C) and SMS faster.Once, it became popular and took my life and was often used outside of the original context. In its heyday, was the cause of intense debates about their potentially harmful effects on jurisdiction, but with the advent of the alphabetic keyboard. Press denied that he authorized the use of abbreviations for verification of text replied, with a spokesman said that any changes to the guidelines and there is no particular policy on the language of the text, there are many examples of words or phrases even share keyboard shortcuts (for example lol might say, laugh much, a lot of old woman and Cryn Agrawal can draw or crying (g)). However, the message of text slang, a language of many children in care. Always with this SMS if you often are not grammatical, in addition to their ordinary language has become. Users can also the spellings that correspond to their denial illocutionary and force the intent instead of the standard notation. For example, the use of standard and Muahaha haha laughter still can not encode approximate laughter fair or poor. There are 120 years, Telegraph where operators were reported, similar to each other to talk, send official messages in modern text abbreviations. In fact, although in the form of written text messages, it is similar to a simple language, is not a complex structure and its importance is highly contextualized. Most of the SMS messages have abolished the capitalization. Using the first word of a message it can not and probably can by default for small devices. capitalization may also encode the prosodic elements, where extensive use can mean the equivalent text for the voice raised by a greater emotion. Advocates of this point of view the feeling that this SMS is just another language, and given that learning a new language in English grammar does not affect students, not it can be said that SMS can affect the language of its grammar. Students with appropriate instructions to be able to distinguish between slang, SMS and correct Italian language and use them in their respective contexts. Receiver must interpret the abbreviated words, where are used depending on the context. For example, a person needs to use, lol, TTYL will probably hear more later to talk with you, much love, for example, in contrast to later talk talk laugh out loud. In another case when someone OMG, can mean lol to use, maybe my God, you laugh too hard however Oh my God, lots of Liebe. DAHER are essential for the interpretation of the textual context and references Textese, co and it is precisely this gap does not use the reason why critics call (although the English language, in general, and many others.) Although it is compatible with other studies on the use of SMS language persists the popular idea that the development of the youth texting is dangerous, and many consider it a distortion of language forms. However, the invention of the mobile phone is the source of the invention of text messages. The language of the SMS sender small, fast type which allowed in general could without these shortcuts to communicate. An example is the use of Tomoz instead of tomorrow. However, there is no set of rules for the creation and use of text messages. Each word can be abbreviated (for example, text, txt). Words can also use numbers to make shorter be combined (for example l8r later), paragraph 8, for her. after use and participation in non-English speaking Kontexte. ALS, this decline in English about the limitations of places, time and cost of text messages, additional restrictions of all kinds and add languages worldwide on the characteristics and style of text messages. Since young people tend to those who use text messages, that I am capable, refer to advertising, using the SMS language. Unilever advertising for its new line of deodorants teenagers used the expression of OMG! Moments. David lang, President of the team that created the announcement said wishing in printing, identify them with speech and the youth culture. In a U.S. study, researchers found that less than 20% of the messages used SMS language. Look at its own history of SMS, the study's author, linguist. You can also text messages in a language standard in some places as good translated werdenObwohl also translations are not always correct. Mayor described how irritating behavior Textese and emoticons and basically lazy and suggested that careless habits wins leads to ignorance with students Textese correct grammar and punctuation in growth. The main motivation for the creation and use of SMS language, was a message with the characters less possible. This was due to (i) the way in which telecommunications company limits the number of characters per SMS and also pay the user by SMS sent. To keep costs down, keep because the user while spreading its message precisely, you must find a way. More (ii), tap a cell phone is usually slower with a keyboard and large-cap is even slower. Therefore, grammar and punctuation are largely ignored. In many countries now have access to unlimited text messaging options in your monthly fee, although this varies considerably from country to country and operator. However, small screens, short messages continue to motivate and the problem of input: text messaging continues to be widely used for the sake of the concision.Commentaires and qualifications, linguistic and stylistic language features SMS have been made and proposed by Crispin Thurlow. Prosodic features SMS, added language offer semantic and syntactic information and context of the recipient can be derived a more relevant and contextually specific interpretation. Li to convey the text equivalents of prosodic features as verbal facial expression and tone of voice can be. Who arrives unexpectedly, will see that there is a dispute by an apostrophe in text between multiple steps. Interestingly, may not be completely written apostrophes, so users attempting to distinguish the words that otherwise could be misinterpreted without it.This was not a large number of cases in English where apostrophe, causing misunderstanding of the message. For example, there is wrong without apostrophe can be understood, for example. However, these usually include well, although it is not clear how readers can rely on other instruments such as the Badger and the context in which the word appears, to determine what should be the word. Many other words such as instant messaging and shes there isn't any ambiguity. It is not essential to users to use apostrophes to make sure your message is well understood, this phenomenon can be attributed, in part, users want to maintain clarity, so that the message is more easily accomplished in less time. There are also States that this does not cause for bad spelling, where in fact, they lead to an improvement of the competence of the user by SMS. provided as a problem, illustrated by examples such as lol, that it can be interpreted, aloud that designates a bag of the love and the laughter of elderly lady depending on the context in which it is used. However, refers to the ambiguous words and statements used by the languages available. In English, for example, more than one sense may have the word duck. It could refer to the action or the bird, and these words are usually determined by is the context in which it was written. SMS language or Textese (also known as txt, Txtese photo of chat, txt, Txtspk, Txtk, Txto, SMS, txt language Lingo, SMSish, Txtslang or txt talk) is a term for the abbreviations and facial expressions and body language that can change the perception of the word emoticon can mean the difference text instead, is that the actual sender your SMS of the emoticon is less easily identifiable. With a smiling face seen as sarcastic as happy, therefore the reader decide what for you is the entire message. Use of punctuation and unresponsive to traditional in most entertaining way of these features emoticons and symbols function. However, it is the difference between the uses of individuals and cultures. For example Overpunctuation communicate simply paralinguistiques aspects of communication without the need, for an emotion created will be used as follows: Hello!.